Accessibility is the Name of the Game for Apps and Web 2.0


I was recently asked to speak at a state transition conference on the topic of apps for individuals with developmental disabilities.   These apps could possibly assist students/young adults who are making the transition from public school to another type of setting become as independent as possible. The apps would/should take into account postsecondary education, home/independent living, work/employment and leisure/community.

While researching for this topic of cross-platform apps, I came across the word, accessibility which was used in a way I had not really considered. In the past, when I heard the word accessibility used in connection with technology, it would conjure up thoughts of making the technology more user-friendly for the average user(i.e. fewer clicks to get to the information needed, easier to understand user interface, etc.). However, accessibility began to show up on websites and blogs that used it in terms of making websites and mobile technologies easier to navigate for individuals with disabilities. This application of the term,  accessibility has stuck with me. I began to evaluate my own webpage and my blog to determine if both met the accessibility standards found at:

I ran across another area to consider for accessibility that to be honest, I had not really considered. I am an education consultant for autism and as such I create and present to audiences on a fairly consistent basis. I happened on to: If you present to audiences, I highly recommend this site. It has now caused me to think about who might be a participant in one of my sessions, and if my presentations are accessible to everyone who might be in attendance. This definitely is food for thought…



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