Truth in adverstising, Story versus Spin…Can businesses and organizations become transparent in the market? Read CIO Insider’s Brian Shipman for a look at why spin must die…

CIO Explorer

The Last Spin

Your corporate data has a story to tell, and often it flows from the CIO to the CMO before makings its way to customers in some form of marketing. Are you ensuring that the story that ultimately reaches your customers is relevant, truthful, and accurate? CIOs should carry the responsibility for all three. And they should definitely ensure that the cancer of spin never attaches itself to that data at any point in the journey from database to customer.

One starry evening in January of 1610, Galileo Galilei turned his newly crafted spyglass heavenward to observe Jupiter. He noticed three very small “stars” closely nestled next to Jupiter and lying along a straight line. After a week of observations, he noticed that there were four lights and that they occasionally disappeared. He concluded that the “stars” were in orbit around Jupiter.

Later than same year, Galileo observed that Venus had…

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