Psst… Your Core Values are Showing

Core-ValuesOnce again Brian Shipman has done a masterful job describing how organizations need to be upfront and transparent. His blog posts always inspire me to be more available to those whom we serve!

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Open Secret

The core values of your business are the wellspring of every employee action and every customer experience. Not the core values you think you have, but the core values you actually hold. Your customers know what your core values are, even if you don’t. They see them. They experience them. And they tell their friends about them. And if your customers believe in your core values, they will believe in you.

My family and I visited Norfolk, Virginia, a few years ago. We stopped in a Subway Sandwich shop for lunch. After paying for my meal and sitting down, I noticed that we were overcharged. We didn’t get the specials discount advertised in the window. When I explained to the cashier, the store manager appeared and said, “You don’t get the specials price because you didn’t tell me you wanted the specials price. Too late.

Those were his exact…

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